Athletics Council

Responsibilities: The Athletics Council shall provide oversight in matters relating to intercollegiate athletics. More specifically, the council’s responsibilities shall be to:

  1. Review annually all policies of the National Collegiate Athletics Association and the American Southwest Conference and present recommendations to ensure that the university's intercollegiate athletics programs are in compliance with the letter and spirit of these policies.
  2. Develop recommendations related to the philosophy of non-scholarship athletics and their importance at the university as well as to items of a related nature which should be presented to the board of the NCAA, Division III.
  3. Evaluate the statement of the aims and objectives of the university's intercollegiate athletics program and recommend changes when appropriate.
  4. Review policies and make recommendations related to participation in particular sports, schedules, university eligibility requirements for student-athletes, annual selection of scholar athletes and other items related to intercollegiate athletics as appropriate.
  5. Consider and rule upon appeals from student-athletes for exceptions to certain Sul Ross State University student eligibility requirements for intercollegiate athletics and formally report such actions to the president.
  6. Participate in the periodic self-study of the intercollegiate athletics program.

Faculty Athletics Representative As a member of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), Sul Ross State University is required to designate a faculty member as Faculty Athletics Representative (FAR). The Faculty Athletics Representative plays an important role in the oversight of the intercollegiate athletics program by providing a voice that reflects traditional faculty values to ensure the academic integrity of the program and the welfare of student-athletes. The president shall seek input from the Faculty Assembly and then appoint a tenured faculty member to serve as Faculty Athletics Representative. The appointment will be for three years and is renewable. The Faculty Athletics Representative shall not hold an administrative or coaching position in the athletics department. The specific responsibilities of the Faculty Athletics Representative focus on the following aspects of the intercollegiate athletics program.

  1. Eligibility. The FAR shall know and understand the eligibility requirements of the NCAA, the American Southwest Conference, and Sul Ross State University and work with the Director of Athletics, Director of Admissions, Registrar, and coaches to ensure that all student-athletes meet all eligibility requirements. The FAR shall meet with all student-athletes prior to the start of the season to explain eligibility requirements. The FAR shall sign all official team eligibility rosters to certify that all of the student-athletes on the roster are eligible to compete.
  2. Meetings with the President and Director of Athletics. The FAR shall meet regularly with the President and the Director of Athletics to discuss all aspects of the intercollegiate athletics program. All information regarding the intercollegiate athletics program shall be made available to the FAR. The FAR may contact the NCAA staff on issues concerning the intercollegiate athletics program at Sul Ross State University.
  3. Reports to the Faculty Assembly. The FAR shall report regularly to the Faculty Assembly regarding the operations of the athletics program and the academic well-being of all student athletes. The FAR shall present all proposed changes in the university requirements for athletics eligibility to the Faculty Assembly for approval.
  4. Athletics Compliance Committee. The FAR shall be a voting member of the Athletics Compliance Committee.
  5. Welfare of Student-Athletes. The FAR should be actively involved with the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) and all student-athletes to promote the general welfare of the student-athletes.
  6. Waivers and Appeals. The FAR shall be involved in the preparation of requests for waiver or appeals from NCAA regulations or process.
  7. Professional Meetings. The FAR will represent the University, when appropriate, at NCAA, American Southwest Conference, and other professional meetings.
  8. Rules Violations. The FAR shall be involved in all major institutional inquiries into alleged or suspected rules violations. The FAR will help prepare written reports of violations made to the conference or the NCAA.
  9. Scholarships. The FAR shall coordinate the nomination process for NCAA post graduate scholarships.
  10. Compliance. The FAR will work with the Director of Athletics to develop a comprehensive compliance and education program.
  11. Athletics Council. The FAR shall be a voting member and chair of the Athletics Council.

Primary Responsibility Area: Alpine Campus - Athletics

Membership: Appointed (shall consist of six voting members as well as the Athletics Director and Athletics Compliance Coordinator as non-voting members): three non-coaching faculty members (one from each academic college) elected by the Faculty Assembly, the Faculty Athletic Representative as Chair, the SAAC President, and the Director of Records and Registration.

Term: three-year unless otherwise designated

Chair: Faculty Athletic Representative

Members Expiration of Term
Mr. Caleb Thomasson, SAAC President ex officio, voting
Ms. Pamela Pipes, University Registrar ex officio, voting
Dr. Kathy Stein, Faculty Athletic Representative - Chair ex officio, voting
Ms. Sandra Chambers, Athletics Compliance Officer ex officio, non-voting
Mr. Bobby Mesker, Athletics Director ex officio, non-voting
Dr. Ryan Luna, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences 9/30/2019
Dr. Eric Funasaki, Arts and Sciences 9/30/2020
Mr. Billy Jack Ray, Education and Professional Studies 9/30/2021