Banner Data Owners Committee

Responsibilities - The responsibilities of the committee are to:     

  1. Review the proposals and recommendations submitted by members of the Banner Data Owner's Committee. These proposals and recommendations may be tentatively approved, rejected, or returned to the submitting committee for modification.
  2. Review and approve/reject/return submitted proposals and recommendations to establish or modify administrative IT standards and policies.
  3. Establish Security Access, Termination, Patches, and Data within modules for university.
  4. The tentative decisions reached by this committee are submitted to the OIT Core Management Team for review and submission to the Executive Cabinet for final approval. Through these efforts, the Banner Data Owner’s Committee ensures that IT initiatives relating to Banner are prioritized appropriately and that the respective needs of the various units have been considered.
  5. Meet on a consistent basis every second Thursday of each month.

Primary Responsibility Area:  All - University

Membership:  On basis of position (Assistant VP for Enrollment Management, Director of Accounting Services, Director of Purchasing, Director of Records and Registration, Director of Financial Assistance, RGC Director of Admissions, Records, and Student Services, Director of Human Resources or designee, External Affairs Representative, Student System Analyst, Budget/Banner Finance Coordinator, Director of Enterprise Applications, Information Security Officer, Chief Information Officer or designee.)

Term:  Continuing

Chair:  Elected by membership


Mickey Corbett, Director of Financial Aid

Jim Castillo, Director of Accounting Services

Dave Gibson, Chief Information Officer and Information Security Officer

Noe Hernandez, Director of Purchasing

Lisa Harris, VP for Enrollment Management

Shannon Stockbridge, Director of Admissions and Recruiting

Kim Skeens, Executive Director of Enterprise Applications

Karlin DeVoll, Director of Human Resources

Pam Pipes, University Registrar

Kara O'Shaughnessy, Advancement Database Manager

Tanya Romero, Budget/Banner Finance Coordinator

Claudia Wright, Director of Admissions, Records, and Student Services, RGC