RGC Staff Council Suggestion Box

The RGC Staff Council welcomes your suggestions and we consider all reasonable ideas/requests. Please continue to stuff the suggestion box and let us know how we might be able to help make your work life more productive and less stressful or how work process might be streamlined and more cost effective. For location of the suggestion box on your campus, contact Elizabeth Peña in Eagle Pass and Chelsea Ramirez in Del Rio.

When submitting a suggestion, consider the following: 1) Whether or not it benefits or serves most staff; 2) Cost and how it might be paid for; and 3) Whether or not it can be implemented at all sites.

Use this page to follow up on the status of your suggestion.

Suggestion   Discussion/Action
Put 2 picnic tables outside on Uvalde campus   This is a great idea, especially since Del Rio and Eagle Pass have outdoor tables. Laura will discuss with Dr. Sorrels to see if this can be done. Two picnic tables have been set up on the patio on the north side of the building.




Provide exercise equipment for staff such as treadmills, free weights, etc.  

Taking the time for health and wellness is important and thanks to Tara for submitting it this idea. It was given serious consideration, but Staff Council will take no direct action. Providing exercise equipment across all sites at this time is not feasible due to space concerns, lack of support facilities such as changing areas/showers, and the need to maintain and clean equipment. We will, however, explore other types of wellness programs/incentives and look forward to more suggestions on the subject.





Ideas for changes and/or improvements should be considered on a site-by-site basis.  

The Staff Council strives to unify employees among the sites. Unless there’s a specific reason, Staff Council will likely not discuss changes or improvements to one campus without being able to offer it to all. Some items may be considered on an individual basis, i.e. the outdoor picnic tables for Uvalde. Since the other two main sites feature outdoor dining areas, it was reasonable to ask for them in Uvalde.