Conservation Biology

The Conservation Biology concentration in NRM is an interdisciplinary program designed to give students a broad background into this field.  Conservation Biology is an action-oriented science focused on the protection and restoration of the Earth’s biological diversity.  Our interdisciplinary program spans biology, geology, sociology, education, natural resource management, and policy. 

Students in the Conservation Biology Program will be trained in a wide variety of disciplines including wildlife ecology and management, rangeland ecology and restoration, population dynamics and modeling, systems and spatial analysis, and environmental law and policy.  The underlying principles of this discipline are to conserve and protect our environment through the sustainable use of our natural resources.

The Sul Ross Chapter of the Society for Conservation Biology (also known as the ConBio club) is a student and community club that is active in local, community-based conservation and volunteerism.  Please visit our facebook page for more information.

Dr. Patricia Moody Harveson is the advisor for the Conservation Biology Program and the faculty advisor for the Sul Ross Chapter of the Society for Conservation Biology.  Her research interests are carnivore ecology, population modeling, and GIS and spatial analysis.