ANTH 1301 (ANTH 1301) Cultural Anthropology (3-0).  A survey of the study of cultural anthropology, including the nature of culture in space and time, human subsistence and settlement, social and political organization, ritual and religion, and linguistics. The course will include an overview of the adaptations of human populations to arid regions.

ANTH 1302 (ANTH 1302) Introduction to Archeology (3-0).  An introduction to the history, development, techniques, and underlying principles of archeological sciences. The focus of the class is on archeological methodology and theory as practiced within a framework or interdisciplinary research, and as viewed from both scientific and humanistic perspectives.

ANTH 2301 Archeology of Texas and Northern Mexico (3-0).   An introduction to Native American prehistory from 10,000 B.C. through early contact with Spanish entradas during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries A.D. in Texas and north-central Mexico. The course will explore basic archeological theory, data collection, and analytical techniques used in the reconstruction of life ways of nomadic, semi-sedentary, and sedentary human populations through time.

ANTH 2302 Environmental and Cultural Diversity (3-0).   This course examines the dynamic interplay between environment and culture among prehistoric, historic, and contemporary peoples on a global basis. Ethnographic studies are used to facilitate comparative analysis of cultures in both similar and widely differing environmental settings, from Arctic tundra to shifting sands of the Sahara. Emphasis is on the study of present-day “simple” societies, and includes evaluation of the use of analogy in reconstructing life ways of extinct cultures.

ANTH 2303 Readings and Research (3-0).  Selected readings and research projects to be offered as individual study to meet student’s needs.  May be repeated for credit.

ANTH 3301 Laboratory Techniques in Archeology (3-0).   Provides practical experience on the conceptualization, design, and conducting of archeological projects, with emphases on techniques of laboratory analysis, data quantification, analogy, and the interpretation of findings.

ANTH 3601 Summer Archeological Field School (0-6).  An intensive six-week summer field course that provides hands-on training for students in archeological field and analytical techniques, including site survey and recording, instrument mapping, site testing and evaluation, controlled excavation, and field laboratory techniques: Location to be announced.   Prerequisite: Anthropology 2301 or consent of instructor. Field school fee: $175 – $1800

ANTH 4308 Readings and Research in Anthropology (3-0).  Selected readings on research projects to be offered as individual study to meet student needs.  May be repeated once for credit with departmental approval.

ANTH 4311 Special Topics in Anthropology (3-0).  Special courses on topics not included in the regular curriculum.  May be repeated for credit with departmental approval.