FA 1302 (MUS 1306) Music Appreciation (3-0).  This course develops music appreciation through an exploration of the relationship between musical symbolic sounds and technological innovations with a focus on instrument construction and musical composition. The course familiarizes students with music technology in a broad array of historical and geographical music environments through readings, lectures and hands-on exercises covering the timbres, scales, rhythms and forms that instruments produce, the contexts people play instruments in, and the reasons why they play.

FA 1315 (HUMA 1315) Fine Arts Appreciation (3-0).  A survey course which introduces students to selected fine arts areas. The course is taught in three blocks, one each for art, music, and theatre. A specialist in each area will present information of a practical and historical nature, emphasizing aesthetic values and accessibility for lay persons.

FA 2301 Special Topics (2-1).  A course dealing with topics in the study of fine arts, such as investigations into the history of theatre, film, dance, music and/or the visual arts. Course may be repeated for credit.

FA 2302 Intro to Digital Design (3-0).  A course in digital-imaging techniques using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. The course will focus on digital image editing and enhancement, basic design techniques, and image creation.

FA 2305 Design II:  Three Dimensional Design (3-0.  This course is an introduction to the principles of three-dimensional design, and the construction of three-dimensional space as a design element.   This course will utilize traditional and computer-based approaches to teach the student to develop compelling three-dimensional designs for product and industrial design, architecture, exterior and interior design, gaming and virtual environments as well as a variety of other applications.

FA 3301 Arts Administration (3-0). An introduction to the business side of performing and visual arts. Will include promotion/merchandising, organizational management, legal aspects, fund raising, and career planning/development.

FA 3302 Advanced Digital Imaging (3-0).  A course in advanced digital imaging techniques including Photoshop and Illustrator. The course will focus on advanced digital image editing, digital painting and illustration.

FA 3303 Field Studies (3-0).  A discussion of subjects such as writing reviews, press releases, visiting professional public, private and non-profit venues, interviews with artists and behind the scene looks at museum, theaters, foundations and studios. Class also includes resume and portfolio development, career choices, marketing and sales, and other areas which are of interest and importance to all visual and performing arts students. (Includes an optional major field trip out of the area. Required for all majors – preferably taken in junior year.)

FA 4101 Senior Capstone Project (3-0).  The Senior Capstone is the culminating course for the Visual and Performing Arts Major. Each Capstone is a follow-through of a proposal for the project written by students with the help and encouragement of their academic advisor. It is aimed at providing students with the opportunity to integrate the knowledge and skills they have acquired within their area of specialization and share it in a public form. Prerequisites: Written proposal and permission of instructor.