JOUR 1102 Journalism Laboratory (0-2). Practical application of newspaper reporting and writing. (May be repeated twice). Prerequisite: Permission of the instructor

JOUR 2101 Journalism Laboratory (0-2).  Practical application of newspaper editorial desk work.  Prerequisite: Permission of the instructor

JOUR 2302 Feature and Editorial Writing (3-0).  To provide a basic but comprehensive exposure to the aspects of feature writing and to provide students with the opportunity to improve their writing and interviewing skills through active participation. Course will include interviews with guest speakers who will both lecture and be interviewed for feature stories. Student stories may be selected for publication in The Skyline and other media outlets. The course is intended to stimulate student interest in writing for Sul Ross student publications, including The Skyline student newspaper and The Brand yearbook.

JOUR 2311 (COMM 2311) News Gathering and Writing I (3-0).  Writing for news media; clarity in use of language, style and punctuation; sentence and paragraph structure and organization of stories; credibility of information and new judgment; basic methods of researching and writing.

JOUR 3301 Student Publications Workshop (1-4).   This course is designed for students interested in applying basic journalism knowledge and skills to photojournalism, yearbook, or literary magazine production and/or newspaper production.  Prerequisite: Permission of the instructor. May be repeated for credit but not more than once for credit toward Communication major.

JOUR 3302 Layout and Design (3-0).  Various programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign will be explored and applied for use in web pages, newspaper and magazine publication, and e-publishing.