ORGL 3300: Organizational Leadership (3-0). A study of the background of leadership with emphasis on principles relevant to current working environments.
ORGL 3302 Case Studies in Leadership (3-0). Study of significant leaders through various cultures, nationalities, and periods in history. Prerequisite: ORGL 3300.
ORGL 3304 Professional Communication for Organizations (3-0). Intensive study of writing and oral communication skills in technical and professional genres. Students will practice researching, planning, and producing a variety of documents for audiences both within and outside organizations, such as correspondence, various reports, oral presentations, and website documents. Prerequisite: Admission to Organizational Leadership program.
ORGL 4300 Human Resources and Risk Assessment (3-0). Current, basic requirements for end treatment of employees. Also focuses on risk assessment and management of employees. Prerequisite: ORGL 3300.
ORGL 4302 Budget and Revenue (3-0). Construction of basic budgets, how to track expenses relative to revenue. Prerequisite: ORGL 3300.
ORGL 4304 Project Development (3-0). Study of how to select, develop, and motivate teams to accomplish the goals of the organization and how to plan and organize resources to effectively complete projects. Prerequisites: ORGL 3300, 3302, 3304, 4300, 4302, PSCH 4302
ORGL 4306 Leadership and Strategy (3-0). A capstone course that integrates the lessons and principles taught about leading organizations. Emphasis is on the role of leaders in generating, implementing and evaluating strategy for non-profit, for profit and governmental organizations. This course integrates the lessons and principles taught about leading organizations and uses them to develop a strategic leadership plan. Prerequisites: ORGL 3300 and ORGL 3302