WS 2301 Introduction to Women’s Studies (3-0). The course enhances student’s knowledge, interest, and understanding of the contributions, challenges, needs, and aspirations of women and the way that gender shapes the lives of both women and men. It also seeks to re-examine material from much of the rest of the curriculum with a focus on women’s perspectives and an awareness of the gender system, and as such, we will also focus on several different issues of masculinity. Therefore, half of the course will focus on women, the other on men. The “modest proposal” in Women’s Studies then is study of history, language, literature, and culture from new and illuminating perspectives
WS 2302 Introduction to Masculinities and Gender Studies (3-0). This course explores how boys and men negotiate (un)successful identities regarding violence, popular culture, higher education, and personal and work relationships. We will explore a variety of material including; selections that are theory-based, examples from American literature, and relative audio/visual material.
WS 3301 Topics in Women’s Studies (3-0). Studies of specific topics in Women’s Studies, such as Hispanic Women, Women in Culture and Society, Women in Modern America. May be repeated for credit when topic varies.
WS 4310 Senior Colloquium in Women’s Studies (3-0). Required capstone course for the Women’s Studies minor. Students consult with Women’s Studies Coordinator to select an internship, mentoring project, portfolio, or other special project for the course. Prerequisite: WS 2301, six additional semester hours in Women’s Studies, approval of Women’s Studies Coordinator.
WS 5301 Introduction to Women’s and Gender Issues (3-0). An interdisciplinary approach to women’s and gender studies including historical, legal, psychological, political, scientific, and aesthetic issues.
WS 5302 Topics in Women’s Studies (3-0). Studies of specific topics such as Women’s Autobiographical Writing, Communication and Gender, Women and the Arts, Comparative Women’s History, Gender and Criminal Justice, Postcolonial Women Writers, Global Feminisms. May be repeated for credit when topic varies.