Executive Cabinet

Responsibilities: The functions of the Executive Cabinet are to provide a forum for the discussion of issues relating to the management and improvement of the university, to serve as the central planning and budget overview body for the university, to keep the President informed on the status of matters delegated to central administrative officers, and to make recommendations to the President on policies and procedures relating to the operation and management of the university.

Primary Responsibility Area: All - University


Dr. Bill Kibler, President
Dr. Jim Case, Executive Vice President and Provost
Mr. Cesario Valenzuela, Vice President for Finance and Operations
Dr. Lisa Harris, Vice President for Enrollment Management
Mr. Leo Dominguez, Associate Vice President for University Services & Dean of Students
Dr. Veronica Mendez-Maqueo, Assistant Provost and Dean of Rio Grande College
Dr. Jeanne Qvarnstrom, Assistant Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness
Mr. David Gibson, Chief Information Officer
Ms. Yvonne Realivasquez, Executive Director of Administration and Development