Dr David Leaver

Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Biology, Geology, & Physical Sciences
(432) 837-8115
Fax: (432) 837-8682
Office: WSB 318
Address: Box C-64, Alpine, TX 79832

Lectures:  General Chemistry I & II, Biochemistry I & II, Organic Chemistry I & II.  Research interests are focused on organic chemistry/medicinal chemistry/chemical biology.  Current research interests include the development of monovalent and multivalent carbohydrate derivatives that can be used to inactivate toxins such as cholera toxin, heat-labile enterotoxin, etc., the development of novel sterol biosynthesis inhibitors that could be used to treat neglected parasitic diseases such as Chagas, Human African Trypanosomiasis, etc., and the development of small molecular chemical probes.

BSc (Hons) La Trobe University (2008), Melbourne, Australia; PhD La Trobe University (2012), Melbourne, Australia; Post-doctoral Research Fellow at Monash University (2012-2013), Australia; Post-doctoral Research Fellow at Texas Tech University (2013-2014), United States of America & Nanjing University (2013-2014), Jiangsu, P.R. of China.



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