The academic advisement program is in many ways the most important service provided to students by the University. Careful, professional advisement can help entering students begin their college work properly, make systematic progress toward fulfilling requirements for a degree as they progress from semester to semester, ensure that they will be eligible for graduation upon satisfactory completion of the requirements, and assist students in making career choices.

Lobo Den

The Lobo Den has been established to help meet the needs of first- and second-year students at the University. The Lobo Den is the advising center for all new students from their first semester through their third semester.

Lobo Den professional advisors are responsible for advising all first time freshmen, transfer students under 30 hours, Texas Success Initiative (TSI) non-compliant students, and students who have not declared a major. The objective of the professional advisor is to get the student started on their way through the Core Curriculum. Students must complete 18 hours of Core Curriculum their first year. The Lobo Den advisor will advise students through their 3rd long semester at which time they will be transitioned to their major department advisor.

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