By Noah Fields, The Skyline
   Alpine’s Front Street Books will host a book signing Friday, Feb. 9 for “American Snakes,” by Sul Ross State University faculty member Dr. Sean Graham. The event begins at 6 p.m. at 121 East Holland Ave.
   “American Snakes,” published by John Hopkins University Press, includes photographs, anecdotes and facts about snakes designed for casual, yet informative reading. Sul Ross student Noah Fields, Newnan, GA, snapped the cover photograph, as well as a number of other photos in the book.
   To naturalists worldwide, the rattlesnake is seen as an iconic figure in American fauna even if it is not appreciated to the same degree by many of the people who share their space. Despite fear and loathing, Graham, an assistant professor of Biology, noted there is an insatiable curiosity about snakes, especially from individuals who have encountered them.
   “This book is intended as a celebration of an underappreciated group of animals that I believe every American should proudly embrace,” said Graham. “These snakes are as American as apple pie.”
   From the swamps of the Southeast to the Chihuahuan Desert of West Texas, “American Snakes” provides the reader, including seasoned snake enthusiasts, with knowledgeable accounts and vibrant photographs.
   For more information, contact Graham, (432) 837-8084 or

   Dr. Sean Graham peruses published copy of “American Snakes.” (Photo by Noah Fields)