Academic Center for Excellence

Academic Center for Excellence
College of Arts and Sciences
FH 214
Box C-132
Alpine, TX 79832
432-837-8408  432-837-8317 (fax)
Director: Dr. Kathy Stein, Ed.D. Associate Professor of English, FH 214B, ext. 8770,
Secretary:  _____ FH 214, ext. 8408,
Sandra Chambers, M.Ed. Lecturer in Mathematics, FH 204, ext. 8781,
Chris Garcia, M.A. Lecturer in Reading, FH 208, ext. 8338,
Amy Gonzales, M.A.  Lecturer in Reading, English and Writing, FH 210, ext. 8725,
Alex Hardison, B.S. Lecturer in Mathematics, FH 202, ext. 8119,
Cynthia McAlister, M.S. Lecturer in Mathematics, FH 206, ext. 8522,
Richard Mrozinski, M.S. Lecturer in Mathematics, FH 209, ext. 8408,
Julie Vega, M.A. Lecturer in English and Writing, FH 212, ext. 8771,


Welcome to ACE! I am Dr. Kathy Stein, Director.

The Academic Center for Excellence (ACE) offers numerous academic support programs. The Center's committed faculty members teach developmental education courses in reading, writing, and mathematics. Tutoring is available in the Tutoring and Learning Center, first floor of the Library. Academic Enhancement Seminars offer study skills workshops to students. Students up for an academic challenge should check out the SRSU Honors Program.

Organizationally, ACE is based in the School of Arts and Sciences. 

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