How the EMBA Program Works

The SRSU Executive MBA at Chihuahua is designed for executives and mid-career managers who want to increase their understanding of business and management to enable performance at a higher level.  


The EMBA curriculum consists of 12 courses at 3 semester credit hours each. The courses are offered in a two-year rotation and may be completed over a period ranging from two to six years. Students may begin the program in any semester.  The courses are:

Who is in the program?

  • Average student age: 30
  • Average management experience: 5 years
  • Percentage of female students: 40 percent
  • Typical background: Mexican/international enterprise manager
  • ACC 5307: Managerial Accounting
  • ECO 5303: Economics for Managers 
  • FIN 5306:  Corporate Finance
  • GBA 5301: Business Strategy
  • GBA 5302: Operations Management
  • GBA 5304: Management Information Systems
  • GBA 5308: Logistics Management
  • GBA 5309: Quantitative Analysis of Decisions
  • MGT 5304: Leadership and Human Resources
  • MGT 5312: International Management
  • MKT 5305: Marketing Management
  • MKT 5303: International Marketing

Students in the Chihuahua class


Class Sessions

The professor, in keeping with the program's family-friendly commitment and modern technology, delivers course content through live webinars and through Blackboard. Professors and students maintain close communication regarding the courses, the program, and student success.



The per-course tuition is $500, USD. Course materials are an additional cost. Tuition includes the perquisite of access to each university’s facilities, including academic and recreational, in accordance with standard university student regulations.


An overall grade point average of 3.0 is required to earn the degree. An individual course grade of 2.0 is required for course credit.