Educational Diagnostician: Certification Only

Contact: Dr. Lisa Sousa 432 837-8173

Students who possess a Masters degree in Education from an accredited institution who only seek certification as an educational diagnostician must complete these requirements:

1.    Have a Master of Education degree from an accredited institution of higher education or an equivalent degree approved

       by the Graduate Advisor

2.    Hold a valid Texas teaching certificate or equivalent

3.    Consult with Graduate Advisor and file a certification plan

4.    Purchase and pass, with an acceptable score, a representative, practice test in preparation for the TExES

       Educational Diagnostician Examination (253).

5.    Pass the TExES Educational Diagnostician Examination

6.    Apply for certification and pay appropriate state fees

7.    All Web Delivered courses: Complete the required 21 sch hours of coursework as shown below:

ED 5306        Assessment of Individual Intelligence                      Web Delivered  Fall

ED 5312        Advanced Survey, Exceptional Children                   Web Delivered  Summer I

ED 5320        Advanced Methodology for Exceptional Children  Web Delivered  Summer II

ED 5321        Foundation of Special Education Law (Sped Law)    Web Delivered  Summer I                       

ED 5323        Appraisal of Educational Disabilities                        Web Delivered  Spring

ED 5325        Advanced Educational Remediation                         Web Delivered Summer II

ED 7318        Practicum in Special Education                                  Arranged

Additional coursework may be required.

Web delivered:  Course content is delivered online via Blackboard with no trips to the SRSU Alpine campus.

Web enhanced:  Course content is delivered using a combination of online and face-to-face formats.

With the approval of the Graduate Advisor, a maximum of six  hours of equivalent course work may be substituted or transferred from an accredited institution.