CSI Staff and Advisors

Computer Science Initiative



Rhonda Austin
Project Director
(432) 837-8511
Office: BAB 306


Elbert Bassham
Activity Director
(432) 837-8526
Office: BAB 306


Rachel Carvajal
Articulation / Data Tracking Specialist
(432) 837-8508
Office: BAB 310


Jose Cabrera Zuniga
Student Technology Center Coordinator
(432) 837-8509
Office: BAB 307


Computer Science Initiative



Advisor: Traditional Concentration
Dr. Kenneth Laviers
Assistant Professor of Computer Science-Gaming Technology
(432) 837-8500
Office: ACR 109


Advisor: Game Producer Concentration
Bret Scott
Assistant Professor of Communication
(432) 837-8764
Office: FAB 208


Advisor: Digital Artist Concentration
Avram Dumitrescu
Assistant Professor of Arts, Gaming, and Communication
(432) 837-8376
Office: FAB 207


Advisor: Cyber Security Concentration
Thea Glenn
Technical Support Specialist II
(432) 837-8490
Office: BAB 303


Advisor: Communication Design Technology Concentration
Dr. Esther Rumsey
Professor of Communication
(432) 837-8211
Office: FAB 203A