The Deployable Aerobic Aqueous Bioreactor Project

The TRIES Deployable Aerobic Aqueous Bioreactor (DAAB) is a biological wastewater treatment system with high cleaning efficiency in a small, modular unit designed to fit within a 20x40 cargo container for transport and use virtually anywhere.

The concept was developed at the Texas Institute for Environmental Studies (TRIES) at Sam Houston State University but, in 2007, became a Texas State University system project. Sul Ross State University Department of Biology, Lamar University Department of Civil Engineering, and TRIES at Sam Houston State University have partnered with the Army Corps of Engineers Engineer Research and Development Command (ERDC) to develop, refine, and demonstrate this technology.

DAAB technology addresses the challenge of wastewater treatment for international military bases, forward deployed camps, and in developing countries were processing human generated waste prior to reintroduction to groundwater sources is crucial. This system can also provide provisional support to municipalities for wastewater treatment during a time of crisis. The easy-to-use technology can be activated within a 48-hour period with the capability to treat wastewater to EPA discharge standards, require little expertise to maintain, and can be configured to run on solar and other alternate power supplies.

The TRIES DAAB project is funded by a Department of Defense grant which provides research opportunities for faculty, staff and student research projects. Graduate stipends and undergraduate work study positions exist to further educational opportunities, as well as to advance the scientific development of the project. Current research is ongoing to customize the system to treat pharmaceutical and sanitary waste.

demo unit is delivered before and after treatment new unit configuration
Demo Unit delivery to Alpine Before and After Treatment New Unit Configuration

For information, see the TRIES Deployable Aerobic Aqueous Bioreactor fact sheet or contact:

Dr. Christopher M. Ritzi, Sul Ross State University
Chair of Biology Department, Primary Investigator TRIES DAAB Project
Phone: (432) 837-8112
Fax: (432) 837-8682