Teaching Council

Faculty Development and Enrichment Application (PDF)

Teaching Council Faculty Guidelines and Deadlines (PDF)

Responsibilities: The Teaching Council shall work to promote excellence in teaching among the faculty. More specifically, the council shall (a) develop a systematic program of faculty development and enrichment, (b) evaluate and recommend the awarding of faculty development grants, (c) organize programs and develop policies aimed at improving teaching, (d) develop programs to help new faculty members adjust to university teaching, (e) develop policies and programs aimed at fostering academic integrity, (f) review and recommend changes in the evaluation of faculty teaching, and (g) develop a special collection of materials aimed at improving teaching in higher education.

Membership: Five faculty elected by Faculty Assembly and two students designated by the Student Government Association.

Term: three year and one year student representatives

Chair: Elected by membership

Members Expiration of Term
Dr. Rosemary Briseno, Languages and Literature 9/30/2020
Dr. Theron Francis, Languages and Literature 9/30/2020
Dr. Kris Jorgenson, Computer Science and Mathematics - Chair 9/30/2019
Dr. Ian Peddie, Languages and Literature 9/30/2019
Dr. Alicia Trotman, Behavioral and Social Sciences 9/30/2021
Vacant, Student Representative 9/30/2021
Vacant, Student Representative 9/30/2021