McNair-Tafoya Symposium

Sixth Annual McNair-Tafoya  Symposium To Be Held Wednesday, October 23 at 3:00 P. M.

In Espino Conference Rooms A&B, Morgan University Center

The McNair-Tafoya Symposium is held annually to recognize excellence in undergraduate research.  The symposium, a joint endeavor of the College of Arts and Sciences and the Ronald E. McNair Postbaccalaureate Achievement Program, provides undergraduate students an opportunity to present original research to a convocation of the College of Arts and Sciences and the university community.  Symposium participants are not limited to participants in the McNair program.   The student research is blind-juried, and selected students are asked to present their research formally to the convocation.   Afterwards, all the student researchers present their work in a poster session.  Dr. David Watson (Behavioral and Social Sciences),  Dr. Angela Brown (Computer Science and Mathematics), Dr. Theron Francis (Languages and Literature), Dr.  Ryan Luna (College of Agriculture and Natural Resource Sciences), Dr. Rebecca Schlosser (College of Professional Studies), Dr. Martin Terry (Biology, Geology, and Physical Sciences), and Dr. Joseph Velasco (Fine Arts and Communication) served on this year's committee;  Dr. Watson chaired the committee.

The symposium is named in honor and memory of Dr. Jesus Tafoya, Associate Professor of Spanish, who passed away October 6, 2008.  Dr. Tafoya devotedly served as a McNair mentor from the beginning of the McNair Scholars Program at the university.  Dr. Tafoya, who was from Juarez and El Paso, received his Ph.D. from the University of New Mexico.  His poetry and his research fully manifested his love of the Spanish language, the Southwest Borderlands, Mexico, his family, and his students.   

The following research has been chosen for oral presentation in the 2013 symposium:

Use of Camera Traps to Determine Big Game Utilization at Nine Points Mesa Ranch by Jose Etchart, Animal Science.  Dr. Louis Harveson, Professor of Natural Resource Management, Faculty Mentor.

Bawdy Language in the Bard's Body:  A Study of Shakespeare's Use of Sexual Imagery by Matthew Hall, English.  Dr. Sharon Hileman, Professor of English, Faculty Mentor.

The Relationship Between Perceived Self-Efficacy and Stress Levels Among College Students With Disabilities by KayLee Kocian, Education.  Dr. Christopher Estepp, Assistant Professor of Agriculture, Faculty Mentor.

Wolf Spiders Associate Foods With Predator Cues in a T-Maze by Robert LeBlanc, Psychology.  Dr. Christopher Ritzi, Associate Professor of Biology, Faculty Mentor.

Utilization of Fence Modifications by Pronghorn (antilocapra americana) in the Marathon Basin by Jim Wyche, Natural Resource Management.  Dr. Bonnie Warnock, Professor of Natural Resource Management, Faculty Mentor.

Poster Session Participants

Fernanda Arroyo (Dr. Pat Seawell and Dr. Barbara Tucker, Faculty Mentors)

Rebecca Blomquist (Prof. Chris Dobbins, Faculty Mentor)

Megan Downing (Dr. Jay Downing, Faculty Mentor)

Jose Etchard (Dr. Louis Harveson, Faculty Mentor)

Michael Gallardo (Prof. Greg Schwab, Faculty Mentor)

Annabel Gallegos (Dr. Scott Ericcson, Faculty Mentor)

Angela Greenroy (Dr. Sharon Hileman, Faculty Mentor)

Matthew Hall (Dr. Sharon Hileman, Faculty Mentor)

Kassandra Hernandez (Dr. Chet Sample, Faculty Mentor)

KayLee Kocian (Dr. Christopher Estepp, Faculty Mentor)

Robert LeBlanc (Dr. Christopher Ritzi, Faculty Mentor)

Catherine Smietana (Dr. Esther Rumsey, Faculty Mentor)

Daniel Tidwell (Dr. Louis Harveson, Faculty Mentor)

Emily Urbanosky (Dr. Jay Downing, Faculty Mentor)

Jim Wyche (Dr. Bonnie Warnock, Faculty Mentor)



Dr. Jesus Tafoya...