Master of Education in Counseling

Students pursuing the 60-hour master’s degree in counseling are required to make official application to Rio Grande College Graduate Studies with the Office of Admissions and Records.  Once the application is processed, the applicant must take the Graduate Record Examination (GRE). This must be accomplished within the first 12 hours of graduate coursework in the program.  Students must make application to the Department of Education for an official degree plan.  Students in the Counseling Program who are not certified to teach in Texas must pursue the 60 hour LPC Licensure only.


Common Foundation (9 hours) Required for all specialties

            EDUC  5301     Research Methodology

            EDUC  5315     Standardized Assessment Principles

            EDUC  6308     Advanced Human Growth and Development


Counseling Core Courses (33 hours) Required for all specialties

            EDUC  5313     Career Counseling

            EDUC  5314     Personality and Counseling Theories

            EDUC  6318     Multiculturalism and Diversity in Counseling

            EDUC  6319     Psychopathology

            EDUC  6321     Techniques of Counseling I

            EDUC  6322     Techniques of Counseling II

            EDUC  6333     Ethical, Legal & Professional Issues

            EDUC  6340     Bilingual & Bicultural Counseling

            EDUC  6344     Mindfulness-Based Approaches

            EDUC  7302     Management of Counseling Programs

            EDUC  7315     Group Counseling


Professional Counseling Specialty Courses

Child, Adolescent & School Counseling Emphasis (12 hours)

            EDUC  6330     Play Therapy

            EDUC  6332     Consultation for Prof School Counselors

            EDUC  6342     Counseling for Crisis, Trauma & Disaster

            EDUC  6346     Counseling At-Risk Youth


Couples & Family Counseling Emphasis (12 hours)

            EDUC  6323     Marriage & Family Counseling

            EDUC  6326     Advanced Strategies in Couples & Family

            EDUC  6327     Marriage, Divorce & Family Mediation

            EDUC  6364     Counseling and Human Sexuality


Community Mental Health Counseling Emphasis (12 hours)

            EDUC  6320     Substance Use, Abuse, and Addiction

            EDUC  6342     Counseling for Crisis, Trauma & Disaster

            EDUC  6350     Counseling & the Neurosciences

            EDUC  6352     Community Treatment Planning & Mental Health Advocacy


Gerontology & counseling Older Adult Emphasis (12 hours)

            EDUC  6350     Counseling & the Neurosciences

            EDUC  6360     Assessment and Counseling of the Older Adult

            EDUC  6362     Death, Dying, & Bereavement Counseling

            EDUC  6366     Counseling & Spirituality


Practical Experience (6 hours)

            EDUC  7316     Practicum in Counseling

            EDUC  7317     Internship in Counseling


            Total Hours     60


This plan of study is valid at the time it is issued, however, in the event there are changes in curriculum in the department, college or mandates from professional certification and licensing bodies, this plan will be adjusted to meet any and all new standards and requirements.