Master in Education - School Administration/Superintendent

Principal Certification

The Standard Principa's certificate is a 36-semester hour program which requires a master's degree in School Administration.  For degree plan and certification, the student must hold a valid Texas provisional or standard teaching certificate.  Three years teaching experience in a T.E.A. accredited school is also required for certification.  The student must pass the Principal TExES exam.

Core Requirements (9 hours)

EDUC 5301          Reading Methodology

EDUC 5316          The Multicultural Learner

EDUC 6304          Organization & Theory in Administration

Specialized Requirements (21 hours)

EDUC 5302          The Principalship

EDUC 5318          Administration of Personnel Services

EDUC 5319          School Law

EDUC 5336          Instructional Leadership Training

EDUC 5338          Texas Teacher Appraisal System

EDUC 6307          School Public Relations

EDUC 6315          Curriculum Theory and Development

Resource Area (6 hours)

EDUC 7313-1**          Practicum in Administration

EDUC 7313-2**          Practicum in Administration

**Student will take 6 s.c.h. for certification.  Practicum course enrollment will be approved after student has taken at least 24-27 hours of core and specialized courses, including EDUC 5302.

Admission to the School Administration program will be based on full admission to the Graduate School

Other Electives:  EDUC 5304, 5317, 6325.


Professional Superintendent Certificate

Students who are seeking their Superintendent Certificate must hold valid Principal Certification.  They must pass the Superintendent certifcation TExES examination.  All coursework must be current and no classes over 7 years will be counted toward certification.

Superintendent requriements (15 hours)

EDUC 7305             Workshop in Education

EDUC 7306***        School Finance

EDUC 7307             Advanced Seminar in Administration

EDUC 7309             State & Federal Programs in Public Schools

EDUC 7310***        Public School Buildings

EDUC 7311****      Superintendent Internship       

***Required for certification

****Student must register in 6 sch (required)


Probationary Certificates

Probationary Certificates for school administrators are available for the following positions:

A.  Principal

B.  Superintendent

To be eligible for a Probationary Certificate, an individual must be enrolled in an Educatior Preparation Program and be serving in a supervised internship (19 TAC 232.4 (c) (3).  The Probationary Certificate is issued for one calendar year.  The appropriate probationary certificate shall be issued upon the recommendation of a college/university to a person meeting the following requirements:

 A. Probationary Principal

  1. Holds a Bachelor's Degree.
  2. Holds a Provisional Teacher Certificate.
  3. Has three years creditable classroom teaching experience.
  4. Has a minimum of 12 graduate hours of the common administrative core required and EDUC 5302 as reflected on the degree plan.
  5. Is admitted to the professional administrator's program of this institution.
  6. Has been offered the appropriate administrative position in an accredited public school district (proof required).

B.  Probationary Superintendent

  1. Holds a Professional Administrator Certificate.
  2. Is admitted to the Professional Superintendent's program of this institution.
  3. Has been offered the appropriate administrative position in an accredited public school district (proof required).