Bachelor of Arts in General Studies

The Bachelor of Arts in General Studies is an individualized program of study designed for the student who is seeking an interdisciplinary degree allowing the student to take courses across the curriculum without regard to subject designation.  The degree gives the student the opportunity to craft a curriculum of study for academic degrees the University does not offer.  For example, the student interested in Southwestern studies might use the degree to incorporate courses in Southwestern literature, history of the American West, comparative politics, and and anthropology into a coherent course of study, or the student could use the degree to craft a curriculum in political studies or music. There is no minor field in the General Studies major.

The General Studies student must fulfill the requirements for a Bachelor of Arts degree.  The general studies common core gives all students fundamental knowledge of skills necessary to competently express themselves, think creatively, solve problems, and understand the nature and function of people and the environment.  In addition to the core requirements for the B. A. degree, General Study majors are required to take Communication 3304 (Critical Reasoning), English 3312 (Advanced Composition), and General Studies 4100 (Senior Assessment). 

Other requirements for the degree are:  (1)  a minimum of 120 semester credit hours; (2) a cumulative grade point average of 2.0; (3) a minimum of thirty-six advanced semester credit hours must be completed, including at least fifteen semester credit hours in residence at Sul Ross State University; (4) a minimum of thirty semester credit hours must be completed in residence; and (5) at least twenty-four semester credit hours of the last thirty presented for a degree must be in residence.

For further information regarding the Bachelor of Arts degree in General Studies, please contact Ms. Carol Greer in the Office of the College of Arts and Sciences at 432-837-8368 or at