Summer Camps, Policies and Procedures

SRSU Departmental Summer Camps

A university department is hosting the event and is the primary sponsor. The university's name, along with the sponsoring department or organization, is used in all advertising. A separate operating account for the camp must be requested through the Controller's Office and in place before the camp begins. All revenues and expenses are to be handled through this account. Facility fees for a department or organization are as stipulated in the Facilities Use Policy.

SRSU Departmental Summer Camp Applications must be submitted to the Campus Activities Coordinator after approval by the appropriate vice president.

Brochures must be accurate, complete, descriptive (cost, how and where to pay, when payment is due, etc.) and abide by all appropriate university policies.


Summer Camps Sponsored by Private Organizations or Individuals

The university's name is not used as a sponsor, but only as the location of the camp. The camp sponsor is responsible for liability, signing contracts, paying insurance, bills, staff, facility use fees, food service fees, etc. SRSU employees may not sponsor a private camp while at the same time receiving compensation as a regular part of their duties at SRSU. Camp Fees for an individual or private organization camp will be based on the comercial/individual rate for facilities use, lodging costs, food services cost, and any other additional services provided or required.

Request to hold a private or individual camp at Sul Ross State University should be sent to the Campus Activities Coordinator. Each request should include a description of the camp, estimated number of participants, tenative dates, a schedule which includes the types of facilites requred for each event. Request fo new camps should be received by March 1st of the current year. Requests will be reviewed based on available facilites and SRSU resources.