This baccalaureate degree qualifies graduates to obtain positions in fields that require a degree in child development. The program meets the degree requirements for Head Start and other child care agencies.
Texas Core Curriculum (42 hours)
Department requirements: Students who complete the AAS degree in Child Development from Southwest Texas Junior College will meet all department requirements. Those not completing that specific degree will need the following courses (or equivalent).
These course numbers are from SWTJC (21 hours):
TECA/CDEC 1303 Family, School & Community
CDEC 1313 Curriculum Resources for Early Childhood Programs
TECA/CDEC 1318 Wellness of the Young Child
CDEC 1319 Child Guidance
CDEC 1321 The Infant and Toddler
CDEC 1359 Children with Special Needs
CDEC 2326 Administration of Programs for Children
The following SR-RGC courses are required (48 hours):
ENGL 3311 Children's Literature
ENGL 3312 Advanced Composition
MATH 3308 Survey of Basic Math I
MATH 3309 Survey of Basic Math II
HIST 3309 History of Texas
BIOL 3300 Survey of Basic Science
EDUC 3304 Educational Child Growth & Dev.
EDUC 3308 Education, Language Acquisition, & Emergent Literacy
EDUC 3309 Early Childhood in Education
EDUC 3328 Foundations of Bilingual Education
EDUC 4320 Diverse Populations
PSCH 3301 Social Psychology
PSCH 3303 Positive Psychology
PSCH 3304 Psychology of Learning
PSCH 3309 Educational Psychology
PSCH 4301 Psychology of Personality
Total hours required: 120
Note: If graduates wish to fulfill the requirements set by the TEA following completion of this degree for teaching in public schools, they must apply for a Post Baccalaureate Deficiency Plan through that agency. It will provide a list of additional coursework required for certification. Students who wish to qualify for teacher certification through SR-RGC must obtain admission to the Teacher Education Program. Entry requirements are available in the University catalog or upon request.
Admission requirements

1. 42 hours of college level transferable credit hours;

2. Completion of a minimum of 15 semester hours of the required Texas Core Curriculum;


3. One of the following;

a. Earned Associate of Applied Science degree, or equivalent;


b. Minimum of 10 years of relevant work experience defined as previous learning suitable for submission as Prior Learning Experience (PLA) yielding at least 9 semester hours of credit through learningCounts, an online portfolio assessment service provided by the Council of Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL) or equivalent recognized assessment process. CAEL and Learning Counts are nationally recognized authorities for assessment of Prior Learning and CAEL's quality principles are recognized by all regional accrediting bodies. LearningCounts works with students to demonstrate their learning for college credit recommendations. Successful students will receive a transcript documenting their prior learning acceptable for transfer of credit. See to learn more about requirements and the process.

For more information about the program, contact:
Dr. Tim Wilson, SR-RGC