This degree offers those who hold a technical or vocational degree or those with significant work experience or other types of training the opportunity to earn a bachelor's degree in as little as 20 months. Graduates will be armed with the knowledge and skills needed for effective leadership in organizations including non-profit, profit, civic, or religious. Coursework includes project development, budget setting, and employee relations.


Texas Core Curriculum (42 hours)
Organizational Leadership sequence (21 hours):
ORGL 3300 Organizational Leadership
ORGL 3302 Case Studies in Leadership
ORGL 3304 Professional Communication for Organizations
PSYC 4302 Industrial Organizational Psychology
ORGL 4300 Human Resources and Risk Assessment
ORGL 4302 Budget and Revenue
ORGL 4304 Project Development
Total hours required: 120
Admission requirements
1. 42 hours of college level transferable credit hours;
2. Completion of a minimum of 15 semester hours of the required Texas Core Curriculum;
3. One of the following:
a. Earned Associate of Applied Science degree, or equivalent;
b. Minimum of 10 years of relevant work experience defined as previous learning suitable for submission as Prior Learning Experience (PLA) yielding at least 9 semester hours of credit through learningCounts, an online portfolio assessment service provided by the Council of Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL) or equivalent recognized assessment process. CAEL and Learning Counts are nationally recognized authorities for assessment of Prior Learning and CAEL's quality principles are recognized by all regional accrediting bodies. LearningCounts works with students to demonstrate their learning for college credit recommendations. Successful students will receive a transcript documenting their prior learning acceptable for transfer of credit. See to learn more about requirements and the process.
Note: Students must accumulate a minimum of 39 advanced hours; a minimum of 30 must be from SR-RGC. The Organizational Leadership sequence listed above meets 21 of the required hours. Core curriculum requirements not already met can be completed through Southwest Texas Junior College or any other accredited institution of higher education. Additional RGC hours are selected in consultation with the student's adviser.
For more information about the program, contact
Dr. Terry Carson, Chair
Department of Business Administration