Cable and Wirelsss Internet


Getting Started

To start the process please follow our linked Get Gonnected guide. This guide will answer many of your questions. For a basic overview and introduction to our services please see the link here. You can even upgrade your service and add more devices!


You will need to register our wireless device in order to use the wireless internet. To get connected please download our instructions here. Once you have registered your device you will need to restart it in order to access the wireless internet.

Allowed Devices

Most devices, such as a smart TV, laptop, tablet, smartphone, iPad, iPOD, XBox, PS4 etc will work on our network. However, wireless routers are not allowed and are also not needed considering the extensive wirless internet coverage. If your device does not have a wireless transmitter/receiver then a USB Wi-Fi adapter can be purchased online from companies such as Amazon. These can be purchased for as little as $8.75 with free shipping. Please see the linked instructions on how to register your device so you can use it on campus.


To access your new cable TV stations you will need a TV that can accept a digital signal. CRT TVs (see right) and older flatscreens will need a digital converter box/QAM function to drop the signal down to analog so you can see the channels.  Converters average about $35-$40 with free shipping on sites such Amazon.

On Feb. 17, 2009, some analog channels in the United States went dark the rest did so on June 12, 2009. TVs made before or around that time period will most likely not be able to accept digital signals. All broadcasters have now completed the transition to digital television (DTV) in order to free up transmission space for police, fire, other public safety communications and for wireless services.

To get the new channels simply attach your coaxial cable to your TV and to the outlet in your room and run the "channel select" or "autochannel" feature on your TV's menu to program your TV with the new channels. If you don't have the manual to your TV it may be available online or through your TV's manufacturer. For technical support please see our linked instructions.

Technical Support

For 24/7 technical support for your cable TV and wireless internet devices please contact Apogee via:

  • Call 1-855-813-7027
  • Chat
  • Text "ResNet" to 84700.