LPC Degree Plan


All courses must be completed in a six-year period.

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These four courses must be taken in the first 12 hours:


ED 5307 Graduate Research (must be taken in the first 12 hours) - web



ED 6308 Advanced Human Growth and Development – web



ED 5314 Personality and Counseling Theories - web



ED 7303 Techniques of Counseling  (prerequisite: ED 5314) – Alpine 3x



Required Courses:


ED 7302 Management of Guidance Counseling & Human Services Programs (pre-req: ED 5314 And ED 5307) - web          



ED 5313 Career Development and Life Planning  (prerequisite: ED 5314 and ED 7302) - web



ED 5315 Assessment in Counseling  (prerequisite: ED 5314) - web



ED 6344 Counseling in a Multicultural Society (Approval of Advisor) - web



ED 6346 Ethical and Legal Issues in Counseling  (prerequisite: ED 5314) - web



ED 7315 Group Processes in Guidance and Counseling  (prerequisites: ED 5314 and ED 7303) - Alpine 3x



These classes may be taken after completing 30 hours:


ED 7301 Clinical Practice in Counseling  (prerequisites: ED 5314, ED 7303 and ED 7315) – Alpine 4x



            ED 73ED 7316A Practicum in Guidance and Counseling – site



For the LPC License,  Students Must Take These Eight Additional Courses:  60 Hours Total


ED 7316B Practicum in Guidance and Counseling  (prerequisites:  ED 7301 and ED 7316A) - site



ED 6341 Psychopathology (Approval of Advisor) - web



ED 6342 Addictive Disorders (Approval of Advisor) - web



ED 6345 Family Counseling (prerequisites: ED 5314 and ED 7301) - web



ED 7323 Emotional Intelligence – Alpine 1x and web



ED 6347 Introduction to Play Therapy - web



ED 5322 Behavior Management - web



ED 7320 Professional Issues and Ethics in Counseling – web


Comprehensive Exam is taken the last semester of coursework.

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