Undergraduate Research

The Adelante Tejas project encourages undergraduate students to pursue faculty-mentored scientific research. A number of paid undergraduate research internships are available through the project. Sul Ross State University, Alpine Campus students are encouraged to locate a faculty mentor and discuss their idea. If the project is feasible, complete and submit the application. For assistance contact: Leslie Hopper lhopper@sulross.edu

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Undergraduate Research Internship Application

Faculty Advisor Students Project Description

Dr. Sean Graham

Rick Groce
Foraging Ecology of the Colima Warbler
The goal of the project is to systematically study the foraging ecology of the Colima Warbler. It is a rare bird with only one breeding population in the United States confined to the Big Bend National Park in Texas.

Lena Hill

Immune Function of the Spade Foot Toad
Does immune function in the spade foot toad (s. couchii) change during estivation (summer hibernation)? If so, is there a positive or negative effect? Additionally, do stress hormone levels also change during estivation and what are the interactions between immunity and stress hormornes?

Dr. Kevin Urbanczyk


Christine Cosby

Fresno Canyon Spring Water Quality and Quantity
Big Bend Ranch State Park, Texas
The objectives of this project are to assess baseline spring water quality and quantity within Fresno Canyon watershed of Big Bend Ranch State Park.

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Ms. Jesse Kelsch

Ryan C. Kubena

 To What Extent Do Early Paleogene Sandstones In Big Bend National Park Document a Change in Volcanic Provanence?
This project is to determine whether there is an observable change in volcanic-clast composition and size recorded in Paleocene and Eocene sedimentary strata in Big Bend National Park, potentially reflection the known change in volcanic and tectonic activity spanning that time period

Dr. Bonnie Warnock

Robyn Whitmire

Prescribed Fires as a Tebuthiuron Post Treatment
for Grassland Restoration Projects
I am sampling during the second growing season for forb diversity and abundance using Modified-Whittaker vegetation sampling plot. A forb (sometimes spelled phorb) is a herbaceous, flowing plant important to grassland ecology and grazing species. The samples are being taken pre-monsoon and during the monsoon season.


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The above activities 100% funded through Department of Education Award #P031C110039 Adelante Tejas (“Forward Texas”): A Partnership to Improve Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Education project. Project Directors Leslie Hopper lhopper@sulross.edu  and Barbara Knotts bknotts@alamo.edu http://www.sulross.edu/page/1542/adelante-tejas