Accepting Awards in Lobo On-Line (Banner Self-Service)

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CONGRATULATIONS! On behalf of the Financial Aid Office, we are pleased to offer you financial aid for the upcoming Academic Year.

This offer is intended to assist you in bridging the gap between the support that can reasonably be expected from you and your parents and the actual cost of attendance for Sul Ross State University. To accept or view your award via the web, please follow the steps below.

Step 1:  Access your Lobo On-Line (Banner Self-Service) by clicking here.

Step 2: Log in using Student ID (ex. A00123456) & PIN (ex. 123456)

Step 3: Select Financial Aid

Step 4: Select Award

  Step 5: Select Award for Aid Year

  Step 6: On the drop-down menu choose the appropriate Aid Year – Award Year 2020-2021 for Fall 2020/Spring2021/Summer 2021; Award Year 2021-2022 for Fall 2021/Spring 2022/Summer 2022 - then click accept

  Step 7: Select Accept Award Offer tab

  Step 8: Options for Accept Award Offers include:

  1. Accept the full award amount by selecting Accept Full Amount of All Awards
  2. Choose Decline or Accept for each award offer
  3. Accept a partial amount by selecting Accept and entering the amount in the Accept Partial Amount field

Your financial aid award is based on estimated full-time enrollment unless  you have notified the Financial Aid Office in writing via a Change Request Form that you will not be enrolled full-time. Full-time enrollment is 12 or more hours for undergraduates and 9 or more hours for graduates. If you will not be attending full-time please complete a Change Request Form and submit it to the SRSU Financial Aid Office of the campus you are attending:

Office of Financial Aid
P.O. Box C-2 
Alpine, TX 79832
Phone: (432) 837-8050
Fax: (432) 837-8411

Office of Financial Aid
3107 Bob Rogers Drive
Eagle Pass, Texas 78852
Phone: (830) 758-5021
Fax: (830) 758-5019

Office of Financial Aid
2623 Garner Field Road
Uvalde, TX 78801
Phone: (830) 279-3008
Fax: (830) 279-3009

Office of Financial Aid
205 Wildcat Drive
Del Rio, TX 78840
Phone: (830) 703-4824
Fax: (830) 703-4810