Computer Science Art Technology (CSAT)

1307 Art History for the Designer (3-0). This course is a survey of the visual arts of the world tailored specifically to the needs of designers. It will cover all regions and periods of the visual arts and focus on how students can utilize historical styles for their own design work. Emphasis will be placed on how to replicate authentic and historical styles for a variety of design purposes, including gaming, print, costume, theatre, and communication design applications.


1320 Acting in Animation (2-2). A practical laboratory exploring the principles and techniques of acting with specific emphasis in bringing life, thought and emotion to animated characters.


2108 Web Development Programming (1-0). A class covering client/server programming in various operating systems, including JAVA script, ASP, PHP, and others.


2110 Computer Graphics Programming (1-0). Introduction to graphics systems, rasterizing, clipping, transformation, modeling, hidden surface removal, illumination, and shading.


2112 Animation Programming (1-0). This course covers basic animation Programming techniques using high-level languages.


2306 Basic Television Technology (3-0). Introductory course dedicated to basic television principles as related to game technology and communication design. Including, but not limited to camera, sound, lights, story board, and basic production elements to be used with green screen technology.


2308 Web Page Development (3-0). Layout and design of web pages, including structuring the page with proper alignment, consistency and site navigation; visual appeal of color and concepts for choosing color schemes that best represent the purpose of the website; and consideration of copyright law as applied to web page technology.


2309 Introduction to Game Design (3-0). Students will study a range of game genres in order to understand the fundamentals of game design and what makes a game interesting, addictive, and fun. Game ideas will be developed using paper prototyping and, later in the course, digitally prototyped using game-creation software. Prerequisite: CS 1320


2310 Introduction to Digital Imaging (1-2). This course covers digital imaging techniques including Photoshop and Illustrator. The course will focus on digital image editing, digital painting and illustration.


2312 Introduction to Animation (2-2). This course will introduce students to traditional animation techniques using Toon Boom’s Animate software and by studying notable historic examples of animation. Basic animation principles will be taught via presentations and reinforced through many practical exercises.


2313 Introduction to 3-D Design (0-5). This course provides an introduction to creating 3-dimensional graphics using Maya. The student will learn how to build, light, and animate 3-dimensional objects for use in gaming and animation.


2315 Introduction to Game Programming (3-0). A course designed to introduce students to programming languages and techniques used in the computer gaming industry. This course serves as the foundation for all other courses in the Gaming Technology concentration. Prerequisite: CS 1320


2316 Computer Layout Design (3-0). A basic course in layout and production design for computer, online and information technology applications, including webpages., Human Computer Interface (HCI) design, e-publishing and information communication design. This course will focus on the art direction and aesthetics of layout design for computer applications. Students will be introduced to Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and other related programs.


2317 Layout Design Programming (3-0). This course will support the technical/programming needed for CS 2316. Various programs such as PhotoShop, Illustrator, and InDesign will be explored and applied for use in web pages, human-computer interfaces, and e-publishing.


2323 Writing for Digital Media (3-0). The main focus of the course is the transition of invention and composition to digitally communicated formats emphasizing best practices for design, composition, and usability in the creation and implementation of digital content. Prerequisite: ENG 1302


2360 Mobile Program Android/MACi05 (3-0). This class will address programming principles to be applied in Android and MAC iOS operating systems. Prerequisite: CS 1320


3120 Gaming and Script Programming (1-0). This course will address gaming script languages to develop games and applications for mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android, and others. Prerequisite: CS 1320


3121 Branding and Identity Design Development (1-0). This course will address the developing process of branding and identity considering current market trends and its impact in society.


3130 Animation Programming (1-0). A laboratory course in which students apply techniques learned in CSAT 3330 using software available in the Technology Learning Center. Concurrent enrollment: CSAT 3330


3160 User Interface Design (1-0). Design related to interactive displays, interfaces, and environments for controlling a variety of computer applications including games and communication, and other programs including human-computer interface applications. Prerequisite: CS 2315.


3311 History of Communication Design (3-0). This course introduces the history of visual communication, including text and image. Lectures, slides, and discussions focus on the work of important practitioners in the field and on the historical and cultural significance of design, technology, and innovation


3312 Advanced Webpage Design (3-0). An advanced course in webpage and information technology design. This course will cover advanced XHTML, CSS, and interactive webpage design applications. The course will focus on art direction, layout, design, aesthetics and art production for webpages and related applications. Prerequisite: CSAT 2308


3316 Advanced Publication Design (3-0). This course covers advanced methods for layout, photo, and art direction for prepress, print, and electronic publishing. The course focuses on managing art direction and production for print and electronic publishing.


3320 Gaming and Screenwriting (3-0). A class exploring how to simulate movement and life using 2-dimensional and 3- dimensional means. Students will study selected examples from history of animation and create their own short pieces in a variety of software. Prerequisites: CSAT 2315  


3321 Branding and Identity Design (3-0). This course explores methods for designing effective logos, creating marketing materials, and establishing advertising programs using computer technology.


3330 3-D Design (2-2). This course provides an introduction to creating 3D graphics using Maya. Students will learn how to build, light and animate 3D objects for use in gaming and animation. This course is taught as an Art Studio class and meets 6 hours per week. Prerequisite: CSAT 2312.


3341 Video Editing for Gaming (3-0). Computer driven course focused on non-linear digital editing processes utilizing green screen technology.


3342 Audio Editing (3-0). Students record, edit, and mix audio for video game production. Includes techniques for voice talent. Prerequisite: COMM 2307


3345 Techniques of Video Production (3-0). Production course reviewing use of camera and lighting techniques and incorporating studio sound and motion capture technology. Students learn studio production planning, lighting, and audio along with basic video engineering. Students will practice all crew positions, including floor director, camera operator, lighting technician, audio technician, technical director, and program director. Prerequisite: CSAT 2306


3350 Advanced Two-Dimensional Imaging (3-0). A course in advanced digital imaging, including creation of original digital matte paintings, illustration and photo manipulation for print, gaming and art applications. Students will work in a variety of industry standard programs including Photoshop and Illustrator. Prerequisite: CSAT 2310


3351 Advanced Three-Dimensional Imaging (3-0). A course in advanced techniques in 3-D environments, props, 3-D digital matte paintings and set extensions for application in special effects, video and film production, post-production, gaming and other commercial applications. Students will work on industry standard programs including 3D Studio Max, Maya and other programs.


3360 User Interface Programming (3-0). Programming related to interactive displays, interfaces, and environments for controlling a variety of computer applications including games and communication, and other programs including human- computer interface applications. Prerequisite: CS 2315


3370 Game Producing (2-2). An overview of managing the game production process, including business practices, team management, marketing, scheduling, budgeting, and contracts.


4310 Senior Capstone (3-0). The Senior Capstone is the culminating course in the CSAT concentrations sequence. Each capstone is implemented by students with the help and encouragement of an academic advisor. Capstone experiences allow each student to demonstrate the capacity to bring information, skills, and ideas acquired from the major to bear on one significant project. It is aimed at providing students with the opportunity to integrate the knowledge and skills they have acquired as Computer Science majors as well as provide experiences for students to exhibit competent Computer Science skills within their concentration learned during their program of study in order to prepare for a career in Computer Science Applied Technology