University Scholarship Committee

The responsibilities of the committee are to

  1. Assist University officials in planning and assessing the effectiveness of student recruitment efforts and in maximizing the utilization of scholarships to recruit new students.
  2. Review all applications and supporting materials for the President's Endowed University Scholars program, the Sul Ross Scholars program, the Flora Daugherty Scholarship, and other scholarships as may be assigned to the committee and to present recommendations for scholarship awards.
  3. Develop recommendations for guidelines and policy considerations relating to scholarship awards.

The Alpine committee will consist of eight members appointed by the President, including six faculty members nominated by the Faculty Assembly, the Director of Financial Assistance, and the Financial Assistance Specialist. The committee is chaired by the Director of Financial Assistance.

The RGC committee shall consist of three faculty members (two-year terms) appointed by the president, and the Assistant Director of Financial Aid will serve as the chair.

RGC University Scholarship Committee Term Ends
Chelsea Ramirez, Chair ex officio
Tim Wilson, Education 2019
Maria Gear, Education 2019
Ana Acevedo, Education 2019