Educational Cultural Visiting Program


    ◆ To promote mutual understanding among people, especially the young generations, in different countries.

    ◆ To increase the knowledge of students and communities about global challenges and cultures.

    ◆ To develop future leaders with a global perspective and individual connections worldwide.


    ★ Gain first-hand knowledge about society and culture in China

    ★ Build long-lasting worldwide relationships

    ★ Gain confidence and be well-prepared for future study or work abroad

    ★ Directly organized by SRSU and Talent International College, not through an agency

Program Basics:

Who: Students enrolled at SRSU

Number of Participants: not to exceed 10 students

Length: 6 weeks (3 weeks in USA, 3 weeks in China)

When: April/May in USA, May/June in China     

Students will spend a total of 6 weeks engaged in the program.

Chinese students will be in Alpine in April/May for three weeks. Upon arrival, the students will be paired with SRSU students as buddies. Chinese students will participate in selected cultural activities and events as well as shadowing their buddies to classes and school events. SRSU buddies will have the opportunity to participate in the activities with their Chinese buddies depending on their class and work schedule.

SRSU students will then travel to China visiting Talent International College Guangxi (TICG) and Qinzhou area for three weeks in May/June. SRSU students will shadow their Chinese buddies to their classes and daily activities as well as participating in activities arranged by TICG that highlight the region and culture.

Eligibility requirements:

    ● 2.75 GPA or above

    ● No history of disciplinary problems

    ● Valid passport (Apply Now, if you do not have one yet)

Application Deadline:    March 1st

Program Costs:

   ►Program Fee: $1,200 

   Covers 3-week room and board, transportation from and to the airport and arranged activities in China and participation in activities in Alpine with Chinese visitors.

     $200 application fee         Due at the time students enroll
     $1,000 banlance               Due April 15th before departure (Payment plan can be arranged with the office)

► Airfare: price may vary based on time and airline provider      Due before Spring Break 

   ► VISA: $240                        Due April 1st                                                                                                                         

   ► Personal spending money     

Payment Options:

          Cash OR check or money order payable to "SRSU Cultural Exchange Program"


A List of Possible Activitives at SRSU