Sustainability Council

Responsibilities: The Sustainability Council shall cultivate a culture of environmental responsibility of which the entire Sul Ross State University (SRSU) and Alpine community is informed, engaged, and committed to advancing environmental awareness and sustainable practices through education, research, operations, and community service activities. Additionally, the Sustainability Council will:

1. Routinely investigate current university practices, procedures, buildings, infrastructure, and landscape to recommend innovative changes for the purposes of increasing environmental awareness and improved sustainability.

2.Routinely investigate and make recommendations to improve the SRSU Strategic and Master Plans to promote environmental awareness and sustainability.

Primary Responsibility Area: Academic 

Membership: Appointed (shall consist of  16 members: eight elected by the Faculty Assembly, three staff members, the Vice President of Finance and Operations, the Dean of Student Life, the Title V Activity Director/Director of Experiential Learning, and two student members designated by the Student Government Association)

Term: 3-year (faculty and staff) and 1-year (student) appointments

Chair: Elected by membership

Members Expiration of Term
Dr. Jamie Boyd, Animal Science 9/30/2020
Dr. Theron Francis, Languages and Literature 9/30/2019
Dr. Bibi Gutierrez, Behavioral and Social Sciences - Chair 9/30/2019
Dr. Patricia Harveson, Natural Resource Management 9/30/2019
Dr. Jim Hector, Kinesiology and Human Performance 9/30/2020
Dr. Ian Peddie, Languages and Literature 9/30/2018
Dr. Jeanne Qvarnstrom, Education 9/30/2020
Dr. Bonnie Warnock, Natural Resource Management 9/30/2018
Ms. Betsy Evans, Staff 9/30/2020
Ms. Marilyn McGhee, Staff 9/30/2019
Ms. Tanya Romero, Staff 9/30/2018
Mr. Vince Apodaca, Student Representative 9/30/2018
Ms. Brittany Thompson, Student Representative 9/30/2018
Mr. Leo Dominguez, Dean of Student Life ex officio
Dr. Jenny Penland, Title V Director/Director of Experiential Learning ex officio
Mr. Cesar Valenzuela, Vice President of Finance and Operations ex officio