Graduation, Diplomas, and Commencement

Alpine Campus Only*

Each College is charged with certifying that their graduates have met all requirements for conferral of a degree. In order for your College to begin the process of auditing your record, an application to graduate must be submitted.

Follow these steps:

  • complete the application
  • submit the application to and pay the appropriate fees*
  • make an appointment with your College for a degree audit

*Fees are added to you account by the Registrar when the application is processed. You can then pay fees as part of your normal tuition and fees for the term. All fees must be paid prior to graduation. Payment is NOT required before obtaining a degree audit.

Apply to Graduate

Graduation and Commencement Ceremony

Duplicate Diploma Request

*If you are a student at one of the RGC campuses, please contact your campus for graduation information.