Covid Section

Residential Living COVID-19 Regulations  

  • No more than 5 individuals (including assigned residents) in a unit at once. All visitors must be from assigned building ONLY (no visitors from off-campus or other buildings)
  • You must wear a mask when you are in common areas (hallways, stairwells, laundry rooms, study rooms, lounges, elevators etc.) 
  • When a University staff member comes to your room, you must put on a face mask/covering until he/she/they depart 
  • No more than 4 individuals in the elevator at a time 
  • You are only to enter your assigned residence hall/building. If you desire to visit with other residents from other buildings or non-campus individuals, do so outside or off-campus


Move-In Instructions

COVID Symptoms:
o If you are experiencing COVID symptoms (e.g. cough, fever, nausea, sore throat, loss of smell/taste etc.), please quarantine at home for 14 days. You must be symptom-free for three days before coming to campus.  Email  to notify us of the delay in your coming so we will hold your assignment if you are quarantining at move-in time. If you have been exposed to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, we require that you quarantine at home for 17 days (14 days and 3 days past to ensure no symptoms appear). If you are tested and receive a negative test, you will still be required to quarantine for 14 days before traveling to the University. Again, email to notify us in the delay of your coming. 
o Please avoid bringing extra or unnecessary items or decorations. This will assist us in the event COVID causes us to have to alter plans for the semester. In addition, you will be moving all of your items home at Thanksgiving break. Having fewer items will make the moving process easier. Please refer to the List of Things to Bring/Not Bring as you are packing 
Hall/Room Dates for Move-In:


Check-In: Check-in will occur in the parking near the Pete P. Gallego Center, directly off HWY 90. You will follow the cones/signs, remain in your car wearing a mask, and be required to undergo a temperature check and show a valid photo ID before receiving your paperwork and room key. Please Do NOT exit your car until you are given permission to do so. Although we know you are excited to visit with friends, please do not attempt to enter other buildings besides your assigned residence hall. Doing so will result in a policy violation. If you desire to visit with friends in other buildings, please do so in a socially distant appropriate manner in an outdoor area.

In the days leading up to move-in, please continue to check your Sul Ross email and the Sul Ross COVID Website for further updates on the COVID situation and expectations for students.

Please do not arrive before your designated date/time. If you do so, you may be asked to go to a hotel or return home until your designated move-in date/time. You are allowed to bring at maximum 2 individuals to assist you with moving into your assigned residence hall space. Bringing more than 2 individuals may result in a policy violation being issued. We appreciate your understanding and thank you for working with us to keep our community safe and healthy.