Master's Programs

Program Choices:

The Homeland Security and Criminal Justice Department is pleased to offer 4 different options for students wishing to pursue graduate studies: 

  • the Master of Science in Criminal Justice,
  • the Master of Science in Homeland Security,
  • the Dual Degree with CJ and Public Administration,
  • the Dual Degree with Homeland Security and Public Administration. 

These 4 options allow students to tailor their studies to their individual needs and career goals.  All four options are offered as web based programs, although some of the Public Administration courses are offered both in person and on-line.  All four options are also designed to accommodate the working professional - web courses have 24 hour access from anywhere in the world.

See the Graduate Student Handbook for more information on the admissions process and general program requirements.

How to Choose:

Any degree option is a good choice, however students should consider their long term career goals and personal interests when making a choice.

The Degree Options:

The Master of Science in CJ is a general Criminal justice degree with sets of electives catering to interests in policing, corrections, victim services and other areas of Criminal Justice.

The Master of Science in Homeland Security is a specialized degree focusing on aspects of Homeland security ranging from government restructuring through disaster preparedness, terrorism, and crisis management.

The Dual Degree Options:

Knowledge of both the Criminal Justice and the Public Administration fields or in the Homeland Security and Public Administration fields will improve you ability to interact with other professionals regardless of the field you choose. For example, if you are a jail administrator, there is a good chance that you will need to interact with a hospital. Knowing the way the hospital is run and the needs and demands of the hospital administration will help communications and will benefit both parties. The reverse is also true. Even if you are currently in one of these fields or if you plan to work in only one of these fields, having both degrees will still be a benefit.

A new trend in Criminal Justice, community-oriented-policing, is also bridging the gap between the Criminal Justice field and the other agencies that serve community needs. In order for officers to get out into the community and be effective at solving problems, they need the knowledge that both of these degrees will offer.

Homeland Security has created whole new bureaucracies and areas of interaction between Criminal Justice personnel and other agencies.  For example, a City Manager now has to deal with the Emergency Management Coordinator and various law enforcement agencies in more drills and exercises than ever before.

Having two Master's degrees will allow students to more easily enter Ph.D. studies at other universities, in either of the two fields. Persons looking to teach at the college or university level part-time while working or after retirement will especially benefit by broadening the areas in which they will be eligible to teach.