Residence Hall Entry

A form of security provided for students living in the residence halls is restricted access.  Entrance doors are equipped with access readers that read ID cards programmed for access to specific areas. Only approved university faculty, staff or students will be provided access to secured areas. Authorized individuals can be provided access for specific doors by wing, by building, certain time frames and a preset expiration date.

ID card access for students residing in the residence halls will expire at the end of each semester. At the beginning of the semester, ID cards will be programmed when a resident contacts Residential Living to renew or receive their room assignment and activated when they check-in for the new term.

At no time is it permissible to prop open the doors, use another individual's card for access, lend an ID card to someone to provide them access or tamper or damage the security equipment (Cameras, access readers, etc.).

Violations by students will be subject to administrative disciplinary action and/or criminal charges, up to and including restitution for damages.