Sexual Assault Prevention

Sexual Offense

Sul Ross State University places an emphasis on insuring the safety and welfare of all in our campus community. Sexual assault is a violation of person, law and policy, and will not be tolerated at Sul Ross State University. Employees, students or contractors of the university will be subject to disciplinary and/or criminal action for any violation of this policy.

Victims of sexual assault are encouraged to immediately contact:

  • University Department of Public Safety (432) 837-8100;
  • Counseling & Accessibility Services (432) 837-8203;
  • Student Health Services (432) 837-8102;
  • Student Life (432) 837-8037; or
  • Family Crisis Center of the Big Bend (432) 837-7254.

Texas law defines sexual assault as penetration with any object by a man or woman against a man or woman without consent. Consent implies the specific communication of yes. Silence does not indicate consent. Consent is not based on what the subject is wearing, not based on reputation, but must be freely given.

There are three categories of people who cannot give consent: children (Texas Penal Code defines child as a person under 17 years of age who, for purposes of the sexual assault statute is not the spouse of the actor); persons under the influence of alcohol or other drugs (impaired, intoxicated, incapacitated); and persons who are mentally incapacitated.

If consent is obtained by force, this invalidates the consent. Force includes threats, intimidation, emotional pressure and coercion.

It is recommended that victims report the offense immediately to a law enforcement authority in order to facilitate the collection of important evidence and to preserve their option for pursuing legal action at a later time. However, victims of sexual offense are not required by law to report the offense or to pursue legal action. If the victim wishes to maintain anonymity during the process, a pseudonym can be requested from the law enforcement agency.

Reporting a Sexual Offense

  • Report the crime immediately
  • Do not shower, douche or change clothing. If the victim has already changed clothes, put them in a paper bag, as plastic bags may change the chemical composition of the evidence.
  • The victim should go to the hospital for a physical examination
  • The victim should seek emotional help. Sul Ross State University provides counseling services free of charge to enrolled students and employees through the office of the Advising & Counseling Center.

Students can be subject to disciplinary action by the university and criminal proceedings by federal, state or local law enforcement agencies for the same offense. The university shall keep reports of sexual assault/rape and terms of their resolution confidential, to the fullest extent allowed by law.

Clery Act: Sex Offender Registration

The Clery Act requires that information relating to sex offenders who enroll or are employed at institutions of higher learning be made public. The State of Texas provides that all sex offenders be registered in the county that they presently reside. A link to the Texas Department of Public Safety is made available to the public and lists the registered sex offenders in Brewster County: