H.J. Cottle Lecture Series

Dr. H.J. Cottle The annual lecture series was established in 1994 in order to provide both undergraduate and graduate students with the opportunity to interact with professionals in the field of biology. It has been named in honor of Dr. Harve James Cottle, who was a member of the Biology Department for several years during the 1920s and was considered both a distinguished researcher and educator. Held during the Spring semester, generally during March or April, the Cottle Lecture is not to be missed. For information, contact James Zech.

Scheduling for 2014

Previous Lectures

2012:Dr. Tanya Shenk, National Park Service - The Colorado Canada Lynx Reintroduction Program 
2011: Dr. Barney Lipscomb, Botanical Research Institute of Texas Rappaccini's Garden:  Murderous Plants-Poisonous Herbs in our World
2010: Dr. Geoff Clark, Arizona State University Evolution, Creation Science, & the Demon Haunted World
2009: Dr. Jeff Meldrum, Idaho State University   Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science
2008: Dr. Millicent Goldschmidt, University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston The Mighty Microbe, the Ultimate Predator
2007: Dr. Steven L. Jessup, Southern Oregon University The Mystery of Moss in the Crater Lake Caldera: Ancient Benthic Bryophyte Communities, Paleolimnology, and Nutrient Ecology in a Deep Ultraoligotrophic Lake
2006: Dr. Susan Wallace, Baylor University Can the Dead Really Talk to Us?
2005: Dr. Homer Montgomery, University of Texas at Dallas The Life, Death and Preservation of Juvenile Sauropod Dinosaurs of Big Bend
2004: Dr. CJ Peters, University of Texas Medical Branch Scheduled April 1, 2004. Canceled
2003: Dr. May R. Berenbaum, University of Illinois - Urbana-Champaign Six Legged Chemists
2002: Dr. Billie L. Turner, University of Texas - Austin What is a Species?
2001: Dr. Wayne M. Becker, University of Wisconsin - Madison Genetically Modified Plants: What Are We to Think?
2000: Dr. James R. Dixon, Texas A&M University Deserts of Peru
1999: Drs. Diane S. and Mark M. Littler, Smithsonian Institute Recent Discoveries in Marine Botany
1998: Dr. David J. Schmidly, Texas Tech University Texas Natural History: A Century of Change
1997: Dr. Charles P. Gerba, The University of Arizona Plagues of the 21st Century: The Role of Food and Water in the Next Century
1996: Dr. Sidney A. Gauthreaux, Clemson University Radar Ornithology: A New Conservation Tool
1995: Dr. Daniel J. Crawford, The Ohio State University Plants, Molecules, and Evolution on Islands
1994: Dr. Beryl Simpson, University of Texas - Austin The Origins of Agriculture