Summer Residential Living Rates

Summer I & II Rates

To apply for summer housing please go to our Housing Application page.

All application fees for the Summer Semesters are Wavied. However all residents staying for the Summer Semester must have a $200 housing deposit on file prior the the first class day.  All residents will be charged to their student account if an active deposit is not listed on the account. 

Residents can be enrolled either part time or full time during the summer to live in the efficiency apartments or family housing. To live in the apartments during the summer without taking classes students must first be registered for the fall 2019 semester with at least 12 hours on their fall schedule. Students must keep this full-time fall registration status throughout their stay in summer housing if they choose not to take classes in the summer.  They must also have a written letter from their advisor stating that they willnot be taking classes.  All apartment residents must continue payment through summer to maintain their apartment even if you will not be on campus. 

Family housing residents must submit a marriage license and/or birth certificates to verify "family" status as required by the lease.  Housing is assigned on a first-come, first-served basis using the date of the application fee and completed housing application.  Students who have not fulfilled the residency requirement and who are enrolled in 5 or more hours each summer session are required to live in the residence halls. 

Residence hall occupancy requires the purchase of a meal plan per the SRSU Meal Plan Policy.

Residence Hall Room Per Summer Session Rate 
Lobo Village Residence Halls Summer 2019 $882
For more information on our residence halls please see our Residential Living Facilities and Services page
Apartment Housing Summer Same monthly rate as during the 2018-2019 academic year until August 1, 2019
Lobo Village Efficiency Apartments - 2019 $616 or $1,232 for 2 Months
Lobo Village Double Apartments - 2019 $410 or $820 for 2 Months
Lobo Village Family Housing (2bdrm) - 2019 $656 or $1,312 for 2 Months
For more information on our apartments please see our Residential Living Facilities and Services pageNew price rates take effect August 1, 2018.
Meal Plans                           Session Rates (2019)
20 meals/week and $50 Lobo Bucks                                            $579
16 meals/week and $50 Lobo Bucks                                                 $557
75 meals with $75 Lobo Bucks                                                 $618
All students living in the Residence Halls must enroll in a meal plan.
Guest Housing for Commuting Students and Groups Cost Per Person Per Night
Residence Halls $30 per person per night
Linen Packet (Sheets, blanket, 1 pillow, pillowcase, handtowel, towel) $10 one time charge per stay

Guest housing is offered on a space available basis. More information about guest housing is located on our Guest Housing page.  Please contact our office prior to reserving.