Registration Committee

Responsibilities: The primary purpose of the Registration Committee is to provide a forum for planning, and subsequent critiquing of each registration session held on the Sul Ross State University campus.  It is expected that the committee will greatly facilitate pre-registration communication among the membership and will enhance communication about registration plans on campus.  Members of the committee will be ideally suited to critique each of the sessions upon completion in the interest of effecting improvements in future sessions.

Primary Responsibility Area: Alpine Campus

Membership: On basis of position (Director of Records and Registration, Director of Financial Assistance, representative from UDPS, a Faculty Member, a representative from Student Services, representative from Residential Living, representative from Physical Plant, Chief Information Officer, Director of Post Office, Vice President for Enrollment Management, and Accounting Services Director).

Term: Continuing

Chair: Director of Records and Registration

Members Term of Office
Pamela Pipes, Director of Records and Registration - Chair ongoing
Mary Beth Marks, Vice President for Enrollment Managment ongoing
Mickey Corbett, Financial Aid Director ongoing
Kent Dunegan, Lieutenant UDPS ongoing
Linda McAnally, Business Administration Faculty Member ongoing
Leticia Gonzales, Post Office ongoing
Brad Gwatney, Director of Residential Living ongoing
Jim Castillo, Director of Accounting Services ongoing
Victor Romero, Physical Plant Rep ongoing
Helen Crane, Student Services Rep ongoing
David Gibson, Chief Information Officer ongoing