Risk Management Advisory Committee

Risk Management Advisory Committee (RMAC)

Responsibilities: The RMAC serves to protect the assets and people of SRSU by identifying areas of risk and making recommendations to the Executive Cabinet (EC) for changes to policy, procedures or technology that:
• lower the institution’s risk portfolio
• increase the health and safety of the institution
• protect the assets of the institution

Primary Responsibility Area: All University

Membership:  Committee shall consist of thirteen members appointed by the President (including one student nominated by the Student Government Organization (SGA)), and must include the Chief Information Officer, Risk and Compliance Manager, Health Services Director, the Director for Facilities Planning, Design, and Construction, and the Chief of the University Department of Public Safety (UDPS).

Term: three-year, one-year for student

Chair: Chief Information Officer


David Gibson, Chief Information Officer, Ex-Officio, Chair
Corina Ramirez,  Risk and Compliance Manager, Ex-Officio
Scott Grubitz, Director of Facilities Planning, Design and Construction, Ex-Officio
John Hughes, Health Services Director, Ex-Officio
Kent Dunegan, Public Safety Director, Ex-Officio
Brad Gwatney, Director of Residential Living, Ex-Officio
Scott Cupp, Internal Auditor, Ex-Officio
Sabina Lozano, recorder
David Leaver, Faculty, term expires 8/31/2020 
Vacant, Staff Representative, term expires 8/31/2020 
Greg Tegarden,  Fine Arts, term expires 8/31/2020 
Vacant, Education Faculty, term expires 8/31/2020
Vacant, Student Representative, term expires 8/31/2018