Department of Natural and Behavioral Sciences

The Department of Natural and Behavioral Sciences combines several related academic disciplines into one administrative unit. The Department offers Bachelor of Science degrees in Biology, Criminal Justice, and Mathematics, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology. The Department also coordinates with the Department of Education to offer course work leading to teacher certification. All degree programs require a minimum of 30 semester credit hours in residence and a minimum of 39 advanced semester credit hours.

Students majoring in programs offered by the Department of Natural and Behavioral Sciences must also participate in an assessment study. Each student should consult their advisor about specific requirements for their major.

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Natural and Behavioral Sciences Programs 


Criminal Justice




Nursing Program

Department Professors

The Chair of the Department of Natural and Behavioral Sciences is Dr. Patricia Nicosia.

Department Professor Location Office Phone
Biology Dr. Dan Foley Del Rio F107 (830) 703-4838
Dr. Kevin Young Del Rio F209 (830) 703-4835
Criminal Justice Dr. Martin Urbina Eagle Pass B109 (830) 758-5017
Mathematics Dr. Patricia Nicosia Del Rio F219 (830) 703-4836
Dr. Michael Ortiz Uvalde A101 (830) 279-3048
Psychology Dr. Tiffany Culver Eagle Pass B110 (830) 758-5029
Dr. Wesley Wynne Uvalde A105 (830) 279-3044

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Department Contacts

Ms. Connie Esparza
Route 3, Box 1200E
Eagle Pass, Texas 78852
Phone: (830) 758-5004
Fax: (830) 758-5003
Ms. Cheyanne Lee
205 Wildcat Drive
Del Rio, Texas 78840
Phone: (830) 703-4821
Fax: (830) 703-4831
Ms. Jazell Diaz
2623 Garner Field Road
Uvalde, Texas 78801
Phone: (830) 279-3001
Fax: (830) 279-3015