Purchasing a Membership

Annual memberships follow the university’s fiscal year, which is Sept. 1 to Aug. 31. If a yearly membership is purchased after Sept. 1, the price will be pro-rated to reflect how many months remain in the fiscal year.

To purchase a gym membership, pay the fee (rates are below) at the Cashiers’ Office on the second floor of the Briscoe Administration Building, then take the receipt to the Recreational Programs Office to have an ID card made. Sul Ross employees who are having the membership payment deducted from their paycheck should contact Recreational Programs to provide the names, dates of birth and emergency contact information for each person who needs a card. All completed cards can be picked up from the membership notebook at the front desk of the Graves-Pierce Complex. Please call extension 8299 with any questions.

New Rates for FY 2017

User Group Semester Year
Current SRSU Student Part of tuition and fees
Current SRSU Student’s Family $30 per family member $60 per family member
SRSU Staff/Faculty/Retired

SRSU Alumni



SRSU Staff/Fac/Retired and Family $231 per family of four+$60 additonal family member
Century Club Individual* $392
Century Club Family* $392+ $60 additional family member
State Employee $250
State Employee and Family $250 + $60 additional family member
Daily Guest Pass $8 a day** $35 for 5 days/ $60.00 a month

*Family is defined as spouse/children. Spouse will need to provide proof of marriage (marriage license, pre-printed checks etc.) upon request.Children can be authorized by presenting a birth certificate or adoption paper work upon request. Any one over the age of 21 will be required to purchase their own individual membership. A SR student may not include a parent or other individual in their membership withoutproof that the parent is the students legal dependent. **The one-day guest pass provides daily access to all of our facilities for non-members.

Individuals purchasing a day pass must be 18 years of age or older, or be accompanied by an adult who will also purchase a day pass (or show current membership card) and will stay with the minor at all times while in the facility. Payments must be made in cash or check to Sul Ross State University.We will offer coupon books at a discount for individuals not wishing to purchase a membership who are visiting temporarily. Coupon books are not for local residents. ***Out of town residents or short term visitors can pay $60.00 per month