RGC Administration

The Associate Provost/Dean of Rio Grande College is the chief administrative and academic officer of  SRSU Rio Grande College and is directly responsible for the administrative management of Rio Grande College. The Associate Provost/Dean of Rio Grande College reports jointly to the Executive Vice President and Provost of Sul Ross State University.

The Associate Provost/Dean, as the chief academic officer of Rio Grande College, is responsible for all academic programs. Rio Grande College has four departments: Business Administration, Teacher Education, Humanities, Natural and Behavioral Sciences, each headed by a chair.

The academic chairs are Dr. Terry Carson, Business Administration; Dr. Dorman Moore, Education; Dr. Sarah Roche, Humanities; and Dr. Patricia Nicosia, Natural and Behavioral Sciences. There are 23 faculty members.

The other administrative officers reporting to the Associate Provost/Dean include the Director of Admissions, Records and Student Affairs, the Director of Business Operations, the Assistant Director of Financial Assistance, and the Director of Public and Media relations and Outreach.


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