Staff Council Committee Members

All Staff are eligible to be committee members and are not required to be a staff council member.  Committee members work as a team on the issues that are relevant to their committee.  Their ideas are presented to the staff council for a vote and approval, which are then proposed and presented to the University President.

Staff Appreciation Committee

The Mission of the Staff Appreciation Committee is to acknowledge the importance of the staff in relation to the university’s success and to give the staff the tools needed to promote that success.

The Staff Appreciation Committee is a branch of the Staff Council and was created for the purpose of developing and implementing recognition and acknowledgement of new and present staff. The Committee encourages a positive attitude toward staff and demonstrates day-to-day appreciation of staff and their contributions to the university.

  • Tanya Romero (Chair)
  • Kim Lewis
  • Alex Martinez
  • Yvonne Realivasquez
  • Karlin DeVoll

Wellness Committee

  • Martha Serrano
  • Chris Herrera
  • Dr. Jim Hector

Staff Survey Task Force (active as needed for surveying staff)

  • Kara O'Shaughnessey
  • Tanya Romero

Telecommuter Committee

  • Kim Lewis
  • Anna Luevanos
  • Patrick Clingman
  • Rob Stolz
  • Albert Brautigam

Welcoming Committee

  • Alex Martinez (chair)
  • Jan Rueb

Speaker Series

  • Alex Martinez
  • Tanya Romero
  • Patrick Clingman
  • Dr. Joey Velasco