Department of Humanities

The Department of Humanities consists of several academic disciplinary areas. The Department offers Bachelor of Arts degrees in English, History, Social Science, and Spanish.

The Department also coordinates with the Department of Education offering courses for educational degrees and teacher certification.

Students majoring in Humanities programs must participate in the Rio Grande College assessment program by taking the ACT CAAP Essay Writing Test at the beginning of their first semester and in the last semester prior to graduation. Each student should consult their advisor about specific requirements for their major. 

Liberal Arts Programs

Book List

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Important Documents

Click here for an Application for a Degree Plan.

Click here for a change of Major/Minor Form.

Two Year Course Rotations

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Department Professors

Department Professor Location Office Phone
Dr. Sarah Roche Del Rio F 211 (830) 703-4837
Dr. Don Walden Eagle Pass B 109 (830) 758-5018
History Dr. Jorge Hernandez Eagle Pass B 103 (830) 703- 4816
Social Science Dr. Jorge Hernandez Eagle Pass B 103 (830) 758-5016
Spanish Dr. Gregory Stone Del Rio F 201 (830) 703-4835

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