Minor in English

For a minor in English, students must complete ENGL 3309, ENGL 3310, ENGL 4306, ENGL 4308 and six additional semester credit hours of English courses.  

Minor in Spanish

For a minor in Spanish, students must complete SPAN 2301 and 2302; SPAN 3315 or 3316; and nine additional semester credit hours of Spanish courses, including six advanced hours.  

Minor in Women's Studies

To complete a Women's Studies minor, students must earn at least 18 semester credit hours in courses approved for Women's Studies credit, including WS 2301 (Introduction to Women's Studies), WS 3301 (Topics in Women's Studies), and WS 4310 (Senior Colloquium in Women's Studies). At least nine semester hours of the minor must be at the upper-division level.