The Sul Ross State University Honors Program, administered through the Academic Center for Excellence, is a challenging and exciting integrative program of academic experiences designed to stimulate the more motivated student. This program offers the outstanding student an opportunity to take intellectually motivating academic classes and seminars. It is not an accelerated program but an in-depth approach to the understanding of ideas and relationships. It offers students a chance to go beyond the norms of traditional classroom experience and explore more challenging concepts and issues while applying critical thinking to the learning experience.

Students in the SRSU Honors Program have the opportunity to take courses designed with a low student to teacher ratio. The courses offered carry an HONS (Honors) designation and apply toward the student’s core curriculum requirements. Program members also have the opportunity to participate in honors sections of courses offered by individual departments. A third option is for students to enter into an Honors Contract with the faculty member of a regular course in which the student is already registered.

In order to earn the distinction Graduate in Honors Studies, with the designation imprinted on their transcript, the student must meet the following requirements:

  • complete a minimum of 24 semester credit hours in honors classes with a GPA of 3.50,
  • have a cumulative GPA of 3.30,
  • complete an Honors Activities Form each semester, AND
  • meet twice a semester with the SRSU Honors Program Director for advising.

Eligibility Requirements

Entering Freshmen: To qualify for the Honors Program, entering freshmen must meet one of the following criteria:

  • should be in the top 10% of their High School graduation class, OR
  • have a composite score of 23 or better on the ACT, OR
  • have a combined score of 1200 or higher on the Evidence-Based Reading and Writing (EBRW) and Mathematics sections of the SAT.

Continuing Students or Transfer Students:

  •  should have a minimum of 3.30 or higher cumulative GPA
  • must be Texas Success Initiative (TSI) clear

All Applicants:


Honors Scholarships are awarded on an annual basis by the Sul Ross Honors Council. Students wishing to compete for scholarships should submit a separate application to the university committee. Click here for SRSU Scholarship information.

Students awarded an Honors Scholarship are required to join the SRSU Honors Program.

Note: Becoming a member of the SRSU Honors Program does not mean that one automatically receives an Honors Scholarship.